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Our mediation centre caters to all forms of alternative dispute resolution services. We offer customized mediation consultancy services catering to all your matters at hand. In today’s fast paced disruptive world influenced by technological innovation conflicts are inevitable and litigation may not always be the viable option where there is need for an amicable, cost-effective and peaceful resolution. We also maintain an international mediators directory which is able provide a panel of professional mediators suited to the matter at hand where specialized knowledge may be needed..

  • Workplace mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Designing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) systems.
  • Establishing mediation Centers
  • Law enforcement mediation ( for police officers).
  • Mediation of Cooperate Governance issues.
  • Mediation of County Government Disputes.



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Peacecum Mediation Centre Is Accredited by the government through National Industrial Training Authority and its registration number is NITA/TRN/2296. PMC is also registered as an industrial training Levy Contributing Employer CAP 237 Laws of Kenya Reg. No. NITA/LEVY/GPEA/11303. The Centre's Lead Trainer and Director Julius Okemwa Oino's Mediation Accreditation number is MAC/2023-1321 with MENTORSHIP status. He is a member of Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), Practice No. 1134 Serial No. 134/22.

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Our mentorship program brings together experienced mediators who have completed specific requirements set out by Peacecum Mediation Centre to serve as mentors to those who have graduated from the 50 hour mediation training program. Mentors contribute to the professional development of prospective professional mediators by sharing their knowledge and expertise..



We develop and maintain an online directory with profiles of certified mediators where parties requesting for mediation can chose competent professional mediators according to their needs. As a result this makes it easy and fast to access quality mediation services. The mediators listed in the directory have been certified as Professional Mediators. Learn more about our programs that can get you internationally accredited..

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